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Best Free Video Editor Software || Free and Paid Review 2020

 Best Free Video Editor Software

Best Free Video Editor Software

I get asked a lot what video editing software do you use how do you make your videos.
So i'm just gonna Write a quick article. 

Today covering what i personally think is the best editing software to use in 2020.

i'm going to be covering both free and paid video editor software options.
So whether you're a beginner just starting out or advanced..
you're gonna have a few options to choose from and start taking your videos to the next level.

so first of all i'm gonna start off with some best free video editor software.

1.iMovie By Apple

it has to be imovie a classic of course so imovie.  if you don't already know is apple's free editing software for all you mac users out there.

iMovie software is great if you're a beginner just starting out. it's very basic and simple to use. 

i kind of look at imovie as somewhere to learn get good and then maybe step up to something a bit more professional.

but yeah the fact that imovie is free and comes on all mac devices. well i mean you can't really go wrong with that can you.

2.Davinci Resolve

Second beat free video editor software that i'm going to recommend is davinci resolve.
This is the best free video editor software you can get and this is compatible with mac and windows.

So not just mac this time. but all of the operating systems. it has very advanced features in the things that you can do within this video editing software

And it's quickly becoming more and more popular. which you can totally see why, because of what you get for free.

I hear a lot of people saying don't get davinci resolve. if you're just starting out. 

because it's too complex and too advanced. which we do understand where they're coming from. but i would argue whether, you're a beginner intermediate or advanced definitely use davinci resolve.

Because why not spend the extra time learning something that's going to help you progress so much more in the long run. 

Than maybe starting on something like imovie. i mean it's up to you but i know for myself i'd rather spend the extra time to learn something that's going to help me progress so much more and just help my videos become so much better. 

i'll leave that one up to you. but for You davinci resolve is by far the best free video editor software out there and you can't really beat it..

Right i'm going to move on to a couple of paid options now,

3.Final Cut Pro Video Editor

So first of all final cut pro and absolutely great editing software. this is really apple's paid version of imovie. but a lot more advanced and professional again for all you Mac users out there. 

final cut pro has an easy to use interface and many great features. when it comes to professional video editing speed is so so important. the last thing you want is it freezing and pours in when trying to edit high quality footage and that's why u will love final cut pro so much.

because it's super super quick never really freezes. and especially if you're using it with a high spec mac then it's super quick. 

so yeah definitely recommend final cut pro brilliant software and what i love about it also is that it's just a one-off payment of 299 pounds. and then you just continue to update it as and when needed.

all right and the final video editing software. i'm going to recommend in this Article is adobe premiere pro.

4.Adobe Premiere Pro Video editor

This software for me is the winner like i mentioned earlier i've pretty much used the majority of video editing software out there. 

But for whatever reason i always end up back on adobe premiere pro. this is just my personal preference. but i just find for what i need in a video editing software.

it's just so easy to use and very navigational for our purpose and needs. i mean adobe premiere pro is really the leader at the moment for editing softwares.

And because of this there's just so many transitions plugins and stuff. that you can integrate in and use with the software that can just help make your videos Even more better as well as.

It being great standalone software you can also use it with the rest of the adobe creative suite such as photoshop after effects and many more. 

so yeah for me adobe premiere pro is my favorite and this works off a monthly payment plan of i think 25 pounds per month...

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