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How to make money from instagram 2020 | Passive Income Ideas

how to make money on instagram 2020

You guys would like to learn when it comes towards. how to make money when it comes towards instagram especially year 2020 and beyond. 

how to make money from instagram

what i'm gonna be sharing with you guys literally in this Article.

Is that first things first depending on what kind of strategy that you guys want to get into, when it comes to instagram.

There are many strategies. but this one has always worked wonders.

so i'm gonna be literally letting you guys know is that you want to stick to one niche. okay stick to one niche and then from there once you master that niche.

Then you guys can go into what's called multiple niches. there's like tons of different niches out there guys.

There's like the weight loss niche there's like muscle building niche there's so many guys.

i can like just literally be hours and hours just talking about niches.


but i don't want to i just want to give you guys like tons of different ideas that you guys can start doing. 

so let's say for example. you're in a niche right let's say the muscle building niche. what i will do in your situation is that you you always want to have an offer.and you guys can give like what's called a lead magnet. A lead magnet

Is basically giving something for an exchange for an opt-in right it could be like a freebie something that you're giving something out for free. 

so it could be like that so one of the strategies that i will do is that once you have that going for you have an offer you probably perhaps have a lead magnet set up and running what you guys can do is contact these influencers contact those big influencers on instagram.

they have done all the work for you. okay They have literally done the work for you they have built that following of followers on instagram.

So what you guys can do is literally contact them have a list of like let's say, for example five to ten different influencers that you guys can literally go and contact.

And shoot them a quick email and be like. how much would it cost for me to post my my custom domain link towards their, their kind of like their;and then from there give like a good bio that yes can go and start doing send them a quick message.

but don't just stick to one influencer find like many like different influencers and then from there find the best rate for you. depending on your budget right and do kind of do what do a little test.

you always want to split test your stuff make sure it all roll out. it's all like working and ready to go. 

so yeah shoot them a quick message. ask them how much would it cost to post a shadow. it could be like a shadow or maybe you just can leave your your bio link for a long specific time.

i recommend a site that you guys should go and definitely go and check out. it's called going to shout card. they have like many different influences that

you guys can go and literally find like those top influencers. if you know if you don't want to do it like manually there's like a whole bunch of list of ones that you guys can go and literally start doing.

just wanted to give that out towards you guys you guys can do like shout outs not even just shadows you can

can leave your custom domain link on their bio and you guys get likebdepending on what you guys talked about.

you guys can get like unlimited traffic coming towards you know you're you can be building your list literally off scratch from doing that.

like they have done the work for you you just literally siphoned those traffic towards yourncousin domain link or depending on what you're trying to do.

another one could be like if you do have the time you can learn more about when it comes to instagram ads like facebook ads. you guys can start doing that. there's like so many other ways. 

but in this post, i just wanted to tell you is that  you guys can literally contact these influencers they have already built those followers.

so you don't even have to start from scratch. and then from there you guys can do a lot of great things with it too.

another one i'll give you guys another idea let's say for example you want you

you want to build up your own instagram influencer. in a specific niche. for example,right let's say for example you're an influencer when it comes towards muscle building yeah let's say  you're starting from scratch.

you want to build more followers what you guys can also do is contact these influencers and instead of asking them to do to go and follow your to go and click the link underneath their bio instead of doing that towards your towards that you guys can go and be like ask them to follow my my page.

And then from there what happens that you're siphoning those followers onto your page.

while you're building your followers as well. you see what i'm saying so that that can work as well and then from there you guys can go and start to build that momentum building up those building up your followers.

So then from there you guys can get huge followers by literally by doingbthat. okay so you guys don't have to like start from scratch like you know by doing that,

and then from there you start building up your own brand. and that's just how it is guys just wanted to give you guys a whole bunch of ideas. that you guys can go and start implementing becausebyou guys want to learn how to make money.

when it comes to instagram 2020 just giving it out towards you guys go on implement go and take action.

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