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How to start social Media Marketing || Free and Paid Ways

How to start social Media Marketing in 2020

how to start social media maketing 2020

What's happening guys. so today i'm going to be talking you through the basics of how to start social media marketing.

And the tips and techniques you can use to help it grow your business or brand. so the first thing you need to think about is what are you actually trying to achieve from social media marketing. 

because it could be a whole range of different things from brand awareness to growing an audience or generating new leads.

so you need to think about what it is that you're trying to achieve from this. first of all there's two different types of social media marketing.

So there's organic which is basically everything that you can do that's free and there's paid which is i'm sure you can guess everything that you have to pay.

Let's get started first of all i'm going to write into some of the organic ways of how to start social media marketing.

1.Social Media Marketing Free Ways

how to start social media maketing 2020

So first of all posting regular content across the different social media platforms.

when doing this think about the different forms of content you can create.

for example, you can do videos and photos, you can upload vlogs, you can do interviews, fashion photos, and promo shoots.

it's really up to you and what your business and brand is about you could also create audio content.

for example,

Podcasts is the obvious one music. if you're a musician and just voice notes are always quite a good way and lastly you can create written content.

for example,

articles, blogs, memes, stories, anything you get. once you've decided on what content you're going to create and you're ready to distribute it to the different platforms.

Don't just use one i hear a lot of people saying that it's good to build yourself up on one and then don't do that just get yourself on all of them all of the different platforms.

You want to be on youtube facebook twitter linkedin tiktok everything don't just do one. do them all i don't believe in that one thing that's why beyond one when you can be on all of them getting reach to so many different people on so many different platforms. 

it doesn't make sense to me to just be on one. so another great way of social media marketing to reach a new audience and gain traction is engagement and interaction. what i mean by that is once you've got your content and posted it to the social media platforms and people have gone over and commented.

Make sure you go there and you reply to as many comments as you can and just interact with people.

Because this is a great way to build reputation and also search and find people in the same field of work as you and comment on their content. and interact on theirs like theirs do all of it.

Because at the end of the day. it's called social media marketing for a reason.

So be social and interact with people build genuine relationships of people on social media.

because you never know who you're going to meet on there and you never know who they might know or where it might go.

I mean i've met people on social media that have helped me loads with my own ventures. and yeah it just goes to show that by doing this and meeting people. it can benefit you massively as well.

so the last organic way is networking and collaboration. This is probably the quickest way to build a new audience and just gain attention.

When i say networking, i mean again finding people in the same field and reaching out to them. but instead of just commenting on their stuff and liking their stuff. 

This time i want you to actually message them and try and get to know them personally. I don't mean being a stalker and spamming them. but just reach out and let them know that you like a piece of their content or you like what they're doing.

and just to have a good day i mean they might ignore you. or they might see your comment reply take a look at your work.

and like what you're doing and there we go you're connected what have you got to lose at the end of the day that's the way i look at it.

So collaboration the reason i say this is one of the quickest ways to grow. because if you make a video together or collaborate in some way.

You're initially exposing yourself to a whole new audience in theirs and they're going to be exposing themselves to a whole new audience in yours.

So this is a great way for both parties to benefit. having said that when reaching out to find people to collaborate with you need. to bear in mind that it needs to be beneficial like i said for both parties.

because it's no good you reaching out to someone with millions of followers or lots of business attention if you and your business has a hundred or 200 followers. 

because there's only going to be really one person substantially benefiting from this. so just make sure when trying to find people, you bear that in mind try and find someone on the same sort of level. the same sort of following if that makes sense sweet.

2.Social Media Marketing Paid Ways

How to start social Media Marketing 2020

So now i'm gonna move on to some of the paid ways of social media marketing

It has to be social media ads this is a great way to amplify reach enhance targeting and drive greater results paying for ads across the variety of different social media platforms.

i would argue it's the best way to reach new people what makes them so great is you can target them towards people in your field.

For example, like me I run a fitness brand. it's great because i can target people that are into fitness interested in like say interested in adidas and yes it's great that you can target that specific niche also what makes them great is you could target gender and age.

So if you're a new mens wear store say and you're looking to target men aged between 18 and 30.

You can do just that and lastly what makes them so great is that the budget is completely up to you.

You can spend however much you want over however long of a time period you want.

So you can do say 10 pound over a day 100 over a day or a thousand pound over a week. it's entirely up to you and obviously the more money you put in and spend the more you'll get in return. so it's entirely up to you.

The next way is influencer marketing. this is another great way to get your brand known and quickly.

So the idea is quite simple really you find influences that are in your field of work again or your niche and you pay them to feature your products in their content.

whether it be their instagram photos or youtube videos. whatever and by doing that hopefully in return. it's going to drive a lot of traffic and sales to your business influencer marketing really does work.

because of the amount of trust that the influencer has built up with their following.

So a recommendation from them to your business or product almost acts as a form of trust to your potential customer. 

so yeah it really does work and another great way is whereas with big influence you're going to have to pay them lots of money.

You can gift smaller influences so what i mean by that is finding influences between 10 and 100k and gifting them your products in the hope they do the same thing and share your products in their content. 

Although this might not gain as much traction as paying one of the big influences a lot of brands are doing it now to save budget.

Because they can gift 10 smaller influences to get the same amount of attention as paying one of the big ones. so a lot of brands are taking that route.

Now instead which i think can be a good route. like i said if you're trying to save money and budget and the last of the paid ways.

So Its Your Up! How to Start Social Media Markeing 

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