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Spotify Vs Apple Music Vs Amazon Music | #1 Review 2020

Spotify Vs Apple Music 2020

it's about over 5 years. since Apple music and amazon music released to compete with Spotify.

Now they're the 3 most popular music streaming services. 

spotify vs apple music vs amazon music

Today I'll compare them head-to-head.
To see which one is the best music streaming service in 2020.

There's a ton of music streaming softwares out there.
but which one is best for you? that is a great question.  because in this Article.

i've compiled a list of the top features of the top Music streaming services based on features

let's get start.

spotify vs Apple Music vs Amazon

1. Amazon music

So first on the list is amazon music.
amazon music is the cheapest on this list coming in at 7.99$ for prime members and 9.99$ for non-prime members.

There are a few features that i do like about amazon music. which i'm going to be saying to you now first things. 

first when you're listening to a song the lyrics come on the screen and you can click on the lyrics or the line of lyrics to skip to that certain timeless song. which i think is really really good feature.

amazon music is really good for cover artists and in fact there are loads of cover artists that i do listen to that i can't find on on apple music.

which is a little bit annoying because i really like listening to cover artists amongst all the positive stuff. There is a few negatives, 

however the first thing is the artists don't have biographies. i mean i like reading about the artist so i'm listening to seeing where they come from, their background, what other types of music they listen to or they have released and admins and music doesn't have. this is that a game changer well realistically not and you can still obviously listen to music without that.

Therefore i would say that amazon music is really good for someone.
who wants to save some money but also wants to listen to later songs.

and if you're a prime member then it realistically is a no-brainer. i would highly recommend using amazon music.  and that will give you a free month's trial.

2. Apple Music

secondly we have apple music now. i am a daily user of apple music. i have been for about a few months now and before that i was using spotify.

But i like apple music a lot not only
because it's a native app on my phone the iphone x or on all iphones.

but i just really like the layout and
the integrated dark mode as well. because i am an avid dark mode user on my phone. as well as that i love the i love having the ability to ask siri to play songs.

This is a feature that you can't get on spotify or amazon music.

So then again i really like the siri integration i also like the way that apple music creates playlists for you.
And in fact most of the players i listen to are created by apple themselves.

but it's also really nice to have stations that are made just for us from the music. 

That i listen to i think that's a really good feature and in fact that's a way that i discover new music to listen.

So again a really key feature i do like that a lot my favorite feature of apple music has to be the lyrics similar to amazon music.

The lyrics are bold you can see them and again you can click on them to transport you to that line in the song.  i really like that feature and use it a lot.

especially, when listening to music if i listen to a line that i think is really good! 

i'll go back click on the line and listen to that over and over and over again. i just really love that feature.

Amongst all the positives there are a few negatives. however the first one being that apple music doesn't work that smoothly on android users.

 if you're an android user that is using apple music it might not be that smooth. 

which means that you might want to go for a spotify or amazon music account instead that might be more suited to you.

but if you're an iphone user that's gone over to android and you do already use apple music then that's really good  that you have that cross-platform integration.

if i was changing over to android that would be a really key feature. the other negative about apple music is that you can't use it.

if you're on ipods you can only use it on the ipod touch. so if anyone is a lifelong ipod shuffle or ipod user.

That might be something that's a bit
negative to you. but you can't use spotify or amazon music on those devices either.

so overall apple music is best for those who have home pods or have an iphone.
i would say the siri integration for me is a key defining feature. that i just couldn't live without.

Therefore i would have to say that apple music is best for iphone users.


The next one is spotify everyone that i know uses spotify.

In fact i would say that it is easily the most used streaming service out there.

Spotify is really good. because it's quite cheap it's not the cheapest on the list. but it is 9.99$ and you do sometimes if you get lucky you can get three months for 9.99$.

if you come at the right time with a promotional code or just a promotional discount that they run regularly across over the year. 

spotify is great because it makes your own playlist for you similar to apple music on amazon as well.

it recommends songs that you've listened to and more song and newer songs as well.

that you might want to listen to as well. the free version is very robust and there's a whole wide range of music types on there as well.

As that there's loads of genres such as pop and rock and acoustics and there's a whole bunch of cover artists on there as well.

which is really good if you listen to niche artists like i do as well the only negative is that the free version has a lot of ads. and these ads do get annoying. 

which might put some users off using spotify. but really for 9.99$ for three months an ad here and there is okay.

spotify is best for people that want an all-round service especially people who love to make browse and share playlists and edit
playlists with their friends.

so overall which one would i recommend if you're an iphone user. i would recommend using apple music.

if you're someone that loves sharing music and sharing playlists and editing playlists with their friends i would recommend spotify.

And if you're someone who has an alexa. i would highly recommend getting amazon music.

or if you're an amazon prime member then i would 100% recommend amazon music for you.

i hope that it taught you some information. if it did it would mean so much if you could leave a comment.

Thank you so much for Read this Article.
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