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Spotify Vs Youtube Music || Review

Spotify Vs Youtube Music

So Spotify is still the big dummy of the music streaming world currently servicing up to a hundred million users.

spotify vs youtube music

so to speak but earlier in 2018 YouTube launched its own music stream and rival to Spotify imaginatively titled YouTube music. both services offer up a free month trial if you want to check them out without committing and you've also got a free light subscription model as well. 

if you're a bit of a skinflint but if youwant to unlock some of the best features such as off lines treatment and background playback you'll have two spunk up some cash every month in both cases a crisp British tenner.

so which music streaming service is best for you ? well let's have a bit of a gander at the various features and see how they compare.

Lets Start....

So right now Spotify definitely wins for sheer availability of content.

if you're in a freind you're in these stuff.  you'll find some mists and albums on YouTube music without having to look too hard as in comparison.

it's rare to discover any kind of gap on Spotify they have even super obscure stuff more often than not try search move very meaty on recycle metal and you'll still churn out plenty of stuff you won't even knew existed no real surprise given you get over 30 million tracks to jump to with the fresh 20,000 added every day give.

Or take but all the same YouTube music is a solid effort we don't have approximate numbers for the tracks on offer but even though it's seemingly not as strong as Spotify you won't struggle to find lots of great music even again some fairly obscure stuff.

But what about the other content well music videos are obviously YouTube musics main attraction you can check out the list videos from your favorite singers in those artist pages and if you fancy something a bit different Spotify now offers a pretty comprehensive catalogue of podcasts that you can stream or download pretty much all genres.

I've covered and I found quite a few decent stand-up shows on there too from the likes of Bill burr and Chris Rock.

 You'll also find some stand-up and comedy albums over on YouTube music and they do now have a selection of podcasts in video form too or vidcasts.

I guess if you want to get all wonky about it both services are also all about live performances.

Spotify has a lot of exclusive sessions with some of the more popular artists on there. while YouTube music also offers full video at live performances from all kinds of cool bands.

what about the offline playback well both Spotify and YouTube music offer the ability to download tracks to your smartphone to enjoy offline.

great news if you spend a lot of time commuting on the tube or just a fuel data contract sucks.

Spotify now allows you to download an impressive 10,000 tracks at any one time on a single device.

Meanwhile YouTube music doesn't seem to have any set limits in fact you can actually set your own limits based on the amount of storage that you have free on your device and on both services.

You can also adjust the quality of your downloaded tracks as well to save on space. if you're running a bit law definitely handy on Spotify you can choose to download specific albums or any playlists generated by yourself.

Others or Spotify itself a new tune music it's basically the same setup and you can also get the app to produce an offline mixtape on your behalf. this is basically a random hodge podge of some of your

favorite tracks automatically compiled and downloaded for you by the app.

it's coming a bit Joran or if you're into some very diverse genres or for instance.

if you let your kids use your streaming service as well one moment of each a man to death mill and the next I'll have some Lion King classics gushing in my locals.

When it comes to discovery Spotify is really well set up for discovering new artists piss on buns and singers that you already likecevery artist page comes with a related artists section..

so you can see what other stuff fans listen see I've come across loads of new favorites this way so it's definitely well worth a look.

You also get a discover weekly playlist create a few automatically based on your list and habits.

which is all stuff that you haven't played but you might also like. it's a bit of a mixed bag to be honest at least in my experience.

but it is quite good if you're struggling to find something new to listen to YouTube music.

There's a similar thing to the related artist Shaun some other stuff that you might be interested in.

but it's not quite as strong and bothservices also highlight popular albums and artists. if you're not too willing to experiment. Spotify has its streaming charts while YouTube music serves up the Hot List a scrolling list of poppy dancey radio friendly gunk.

f you want to listen on your computer then both YouTube music and spotify offer a desktop solution. 

Spotify has a desktop app which you can install on Mac and Windows computers. and it works in charm inside of your browser.

Which is handy if you're streaming those tracks out work YouTube music doesn't offer a desktop app. just yet but it does work fine in browser so you can still get some streaming on the go outside of your smart phone slot right there in a nutshell is how Spotify and YouTube music compare.

Spotify is still our favorite right now to be honest but YouTube music is a solid offer and especially considering.

 it was only just introduced this year so which do you think you might prefer. if you've used both of them which one is your favorite

if you let us know in the comments down.

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