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RX 5600M vs RX 5500M - 16 Game Laptop Comparison | Best Laptop for Gaming

RX 5600M vs RX 5500M - 16 Game Laptop Comparison!

RX 5600M vs RX 5500M - 16 Game Laptop Comparison

The RX5500 and our RX5600 are currently the best options available from AMD for gaming laptops. So which one should you get and what are the differences? 

I've compared both in 16 games and applications to help you decide, comparing the spec side by side, the 1600 Omer's clock to lower, but it's got more compute units, stream processors and memory. So overall we're expecting it to perform better. 

The 1500 has just four gig of room, a little lower, but it's the same as the 16 fifty on the Invidia side that it competes with. And to be fair, the 5500 models beat that. I'm using my brother 15 for the IREX 5500 M and the Dolgov special edition for the IREX. Fifty six hundred on these two laptops were chosen because honestly they're the only two laptops I have with these Jupitus. There's not actually that many gaming laptops currently available with either option. And it also just so happens to be that I have both of them with the same CPU and memory configurations, so we should be in for a somewhat fair comparison. That said, the G5 does make use of Abdeh smart shift. 

So we may see a boost due to this as that can't be disabled. We'll start out by comparing both in 16 games, then some applications afterwards. Red Dead Redemption, too, was tested using the game's benchmark with the high setting price, the 1601 was able to give us above 60 fps here, putting it 38 percent faster than the fifty five hundred.

However, this is an above average difference. Out of the titles tested, Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the game's benchmarked all again the fifty six hundred and was able to get us past 60 fps even with the highest selling price, but with a twenty four percent higher frame rate when compared to the 5500 and below it. Microsoft flight simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge with the highest ultra selling price up. In hindsight, I probably should have dropped back a stunning level for actual playable results. But hey, even at this most resource heavy level, the fifty six hundred 1601 was thirty seven percent faster in average freimaurer. Rainbow succeeded, was tested with the game's benchmark tool with Volcom, and this game saw the largest difference between the two CPU's in terms of average frame rate. 

The fifty six hundred had a massive forty six percent higher average frame rate when compared to the fifty five hundred and the one percent lower was forty one percent higher to Battlefield five was tested running through the same section of the game in campaign mode on both machines, the fifty six hundred and was 32 percent faster in average frame rate. In this one, however, the 5500 was still capable of above 60 fps, even with the highest ultra setting preset in use.

I've used to see us go to demonstrate how a game that depends more on the processor behaves. There's less than a four percent boost to average FPS with the fifty six hundred. I mean this one with a larger eight percent, one percent lower. The smallest difference out of all sixteen games tested, Fakhri New Dawn was tested with the game's benchmark. And again, another test that depends more on processor performance. In my experience as the fifty six hundred, I was only five percent faster in average deepsea, which equates to less than four fps. 

So Merial difference, Call of Duty Modern Warfare was tested with all settings maxed out, even the one percent lower from the fifty six hundred and was higher than average FPS from the fifty five hundred, while the fifty six hundred's average fps was thirty percent higher than the fifty five hundred on Borderlands three was tested with the game's benchmark and the results were extremely close to the last game with the fifty six hundred again thirty percent faster in terms of average fps with a slightly higher thirty four percent improvement senin one percent lower performance control was tested running through the same part of the game on both laptops. Just a couple of frames difference in terms of one percent lower. However, the fifty six hundred M was eighteen percent faster when it came to average FPS. Granted, this was still one of the smaller differences seen out of all games tested.

I've thrown in F1 twenty to see how racing games are affected and the fifty six hundred I was 22 percent faster than the 5500 I'm here. So similar difference to control. A nice little boost, but still a below average difference and nothing to major death. Stranding had massive differences to one percent lower performance, the one percent lower from the fifty six hundred and was ahead of even the average frame rate of the fifty five hundred. I'm putting it a massive sixty two percent ahead. Average FPS was about twenty eight percent faster, which is a somewhat average result. That one percent lower boost was far more impressive. 

Natural excellence was tested with the game's benchmark. This game had the second largest performance difference out of all sixteen games tested with the fifty six hundred and reaching average frame rates. Forty percent higher than the fifty five hundred on The Witcher three didn't have that big of a difference to one percent Larousse. And although the average FPS gap was wider, the fifty six hundred M was just eight percent ahead of the fifty five hundred on the third smallest change out of the games we're looking at here. Overwatch had an above average improvement with the fifty six hundred which boosted average FPS with the highest Epic's setting preset by over 32 percent the fifty six hundred and would be a better match up for a 144 Herts screen in this case.

Granted, you could lower setting levels for Max and still get nice results with the 5500 Assassin's Creed oracy was tested. With the game's benchmarked, all the performance gap was similar to overwatch just before it. With the fifty six hundred, I'm coming in thirty three percent faster than the 5500 in average FPS, while the one percent lower was forty percent higher. The radion are fifty six hundred was around twenty seven percent faster than the Aurox. Fifty five hundred on average out of the 16 games that I've. Usted, as we can see, results can vary significantly by game Kozko and Fakhri, a new dawn, for instance, only received a five percent performance boost with the fifty six hundred as the GPU change hardly matters compared to a processor upgrade. On the other hand, GPU heavier titles were seeing around a 40 percent improvement from the fifty six hundred year ago, and it just depends on the specific game. 

I've also tested via striken times by from three Dimmock and in both tasks the fifty six hundred and was scoring around 44 percent higher than the 5500. I'm so close to the best case results seen in the games. I've also tested SPAC viewport, which tests various professional 3D workloads. The margin between the two varied based on the specific test. However, the fifty six hundred M was ahead. In all cases, prices of these issues are going to vary based on what model of laptop you're looking at.

The broader fifteen is 979 US dollars at Newegg, while the G5 SC is eight hundred and seventy point. Yes, you're hearing that right, that LG five is over one hundred dollars cheaper and it performs twenty seven percent faster in six games on average. Even without this sale, the G5 is still cheap, but Delran sales all the time. It's like what I said in my best Rosann gaming laptops of twenty twenty viniar to my brother. Fifteen is basically just a rip off when you compare it to other options that are available for similar money. Unfortunately there just aren't that many other arcs. 

Fifty five hundred and gaming laptops available. It just doesn't seem like that many companies decided to adopt it this generation. And that's why this one is basically all they've got. For comparison, in a perfect world, the fifty six hundred would cost more money. But my half price the brother fifteen so high and it's one of the few if only 5500 and a laptop with rising four thousand CPU available, that just doesn't end up being the case in the real world. GPS aside, the G5 is a far better machine compared to the broader fifteen and the G5 is also sold with single channel memory.

I know this because I bought this from that same new listing I showed earlier. At least sell the G5 with dual channel memory, which does offer a performance boost. I did all my testing with Channel in the broader fifteen, but here in the real world you pay more for a 5500 M with single channel memory, which is just straight up going to perform far worse compared to the G5 with fifty six hundred. And your channel, as we saw, the six hundred does do better in games, so I'd be willing to pay one hundred dollars or so more over the Bravo fifteen. No problem. I'm definitely not saying the G5 is an awesome machine. 

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